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Next Door serves Milwaukee families bounded by Silver Spring Drive to North Avenue, and the Milwaukee River to 76th Street.


Next Door locations:

Next Door - Main  2545 N. 29th Street, Milwaukee WI 53210   414-562-2929   Directions►

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Next Door Head Start sites:   


Urban Day School

3782 N. 12th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53206    p. 414-263-2781


Oliver Wendell Holmes School

2463 N. Buffum Street

Milwaukee, WI 53212   p. 414-562-2929 x810 or 414-562-2929 x815



5310 West Capitol Drive

Milwaukee, WI 53216   p. 414-562-2929 x712


Malaika Early Learning Center

125 W. Auer Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53212  p. 414-562-4997


  Malaika Learning Center


Next Door's commitment to the neighborhood:


 Next Door programs respond to the community need by:

  • Providing young children with a healthy start in life by providing top quality early education
  • Equipping children with the reading skills needed for educational achievement
  • Motivating parents to work towards a better life for themselves and their children

Community Need

In Next Door’s service area, 43% of residents live in poverty – more than triple the rate for the State of Wisconsin as a whole. The children who live in Next Door’s service area are at high-risk for many health disparities, usually attributed to low levels of family income and education. These high risk factors include:

  • Lapsed Immunizations
  • Lead Exposure
  • Asthma
  • Improper Nutrition
  • Undetected Vision/Hearing Impairments
  • Limited Access to Healthcare
  • Existing Community Health Disparities
  • Poor Dental Health

Next Door's target area has one of the highest concentrations of birth-to-five year old children in the city of Milwaukee. The neighborhood faces ongoing problems associated with a low average household income, unemployment, and low educational attainment.


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