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Health and wellness are significant factors in the overall success of children in Next Door’s programs and an important part of our educational curriculum.

Next Door’s Health Office has several objectives:

  • Ensure each child is up-to-date with required immunizations.
  • Ensure that each child has had required health screenings, physical exams and dental exams.
  • Provide prevention-focused health education for both children and parents.
  • Offer health case management and referrals as needed.


The children enrolled at our center are at risk for many health disparities due to low levels of family income and education. In particular, children are at risk for:

  • Delayed immunizations and physical exams
  • Lead exposure
  • Undetected vision or hearing impairments
  • Dental caries (cavities)

Many factors make it difficult for families to obtain routine physical exams, screenings, dental visits, and chronic illness management for their children. The Health Office works with Next Door’s Parent Educators, teachers, and Family Advocate Specialists to ensure that families have access to quality care and follow up for any health related concerns. Next Door’s staff works with parents to make sure that children enrolled in our programs meet medical and dental requirements for participation in Early Head Start, Head Start, and Next Door Charter School.

Next Door’s Health Office includes a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and a Health Assistant, who track health data for all children. The Health Office performs some screenings such as height, weight, blood pressure, lead and hemoglobin. For families without health benefits, the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner can perform physical exams.   Download Physical Form

Next Door partners with volunteer dentists for some dental exams and fluoride varnish for Head Start and Charter School Children. Marquette University Dental School partners with Next Door for the Infant Oral Care Program which screens our Early Head Start children. The Health Office also receives assistance from Marquette University Nursing Students. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has their Primary Care and Dental Center Next Door right on site to serve children from Next Door as well as children from the community.  Download Dental Form


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